Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So you'd like to book me for an appointment?

To book an appointment for a tattoo, you can email me directly at Please include your contact information, along with your tattoo idea and location of the body where the tattoo will be applied. All appointments require a $40 deposit made payable before being entered into the schedule. Deposits go toward the final cost of the tattoo. If you are an out of town/state/country resident, arrangements can be made to make a deposit online. If you are local, please pay your deposits in-studio at Inspired By Ink.

All medium to larger-scale tattoo work is priced on an hourly rate of $100 (USD) an hour, with a commitment to a minimum of 2 hours. The waiting list can be anywhere from one week to a month at any given time throughout the year. Please keep that in consideration when booking your appointment.

I'm always seeking new clientele and I'm more than enthused to work on pieces that provide a technical and creative challenge. I will try my very best to fuse your tattoo ideas with the bold and bright traditions of modern electric tattooing, with the end result being the best tattoo possible. Thank you for stopping by.

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