Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Times are changing...

If there ever came a time to look back in your career, however long it may be, and re-evaluate why you're doing it... for myself, now is it. Things have happened and decisions were made that have done nothing but helped my career as a tattooer. Like my decision to quit living my life as one big party. It's helped in giving me more time and dedication to what really matters. I work on art more often, and I spend more time on making the most solid tattoo that I can. It's been a renaissance for me lately, and I love it.

Two weeks ago, I was out driving with my friend and I had received a call from Lisa, my girlfriend who I also live with, that didn't have the best tone. She simply explained that I needed to come home. I complied and when I walked in... she looked at me and said, "I'm pregnant."

Yeah. Whoa.

After some lengthy discussion, we agreed to follow through with the choice to bring a life into this world together. We immediately jumped online and got a hold of a local women's center and scheduled an appointment. We visited the center before we left to visit my family in Texas, and they confirmed the pregnancy and scheduled an ultrasound appointment. We'll hopefully be seeing our child in the womb, confirming how far along Lisa is, and making sure there's healthy developments in her pregnancy this coming Friday. We're very excited, and if everything is in good health... I'll be hearing my future child's heartbeat.

Where does this pan back to tattooing? I'm no longer fending for just myself. I have my pregnant girlfriend to take care of. I can't do this while living next door to white trash drug dealers and zit-faced stoner college kids. I have to bust my ass and move us into something suitable. And the only way I'll be bringing the business in for myself is by making sure that every single tattoo that I make raises the bar for my creativity. I want people to see my work out on the streets and be pissed off that they don't have a tattoo that rad on their body. My motivation is beyond anything I've ever experienced... and it has to be.

Things are going to change for me in various facets of my life. Hard work and determination will build readiness for this change. Wish me luck.

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