Friday, March 19, 2010

New Tattoos, Memory Lane

So Aaron came through for his third traditional jammer on his arm. It's always fun when he comes through because he just picks out sweet stuff from old tattoo books and is like "Yo, I want this." and I hook it up. This particular piece, granted it isn't flashy (old traditional tattoos didn't have much bells and whistles - just bold awesome imagery), was designed by Captain Coleman, redrawn by Sailor Jerry Swallow (not to be confused with Jerry Collins) and tattooed by yours truly. I got to try out a new yellow as well. Needless to say I'll be ordering a big ass bottle of it.

Josh came through too and I hooked him up with this dead bird on his chest. He brought a friend of his who's a roller coaster and skydiving enthusiast. We reminisced on Houston's Astroworld. a Six Flags theme park that was demolished back in 2007. Growing up in Houston, every kid's visited that park at least a dozen times. He got me hip to where a lot of the rides are at now, and it's sad because many of them are just sitting in pieces. R.I.P. Astroworld. I'll cherish the memories of starched down jeans and pagers like it was yesterday.

I have some tattoos on deck today. Nothing super crazy. The weather up here got super nice and there's rumor that it's all about to stop yet again. Fuck Ohio's weather.

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