Saturday, March 6, 2010

6 Tattoos, 10 hours, Busy Day.

Some of the pieces... It was such a busy day. I miss days like these. Days so busy that 12 hours passes by like a fraction of a second. Did some sweet stuff all in all and had a good time, especially since the day started off less than awesome.

This guy came through after I had an issue arise that resulted in the cancellation of an appointment. I was in a bummer mood and he came in wanting a piece of Sailor Jerry Swallow flash. It was like the powers-that-be sent me a blessing. "Look dude, we know today started off shitty. Here's a fun one. Have at it." is what I imagined them saying. And I did. He'll be coming through tomorrow for a Pirate piece from the same Jerry Swallow book.

So the girlfriend is leaving for North Carolina tomorrow morning to work for a week. I'm bummed. I'll try to make up for her absense by being busy and productive. Lisa, if you're reading this... I love you. Travel safe. I'll miss you.

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