Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm pretty excited...

I scored some sweet frames and some art supplies for my next few illustrations. I've also been focusing on getting back into making flash. I'm going to make on a 3 page American Traditional set and a 3 page black and grey set. I find it to be the best way to fill up the downtime.

I have a new painting to upload but it's at the shop, and I'm off today... guess it'll have to wait till tomorrow. Bummer.

On a more personal note, me and my girlfriend are going apartment hunting today. We've had a lot of shitty encounters with shady landlords. One kept urging us to put a lean on my girlfriend's car as security because my career as a tattoo artist isn't "reliable income". Scam. Not to mention, 9 out of 10 apartment ads on craigslist are identity theft scams. We said fuck it, and we're going the tried and true route and hunting for them ourselves. Pen and paper in hand.

Wish us luck.

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